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Snow chains are the essential accessory for driving in areas with snow or ice

Snowy and icy roads are no longer a problem. See more at best tire chains for snow

In winter, snow becomes one of the biggest enemies of drivers, so snow chains are the essential accessory to carry in the trunk of your car.

For this we have a wide range of  snow chains for cars ,   snow chains for 4x4  and new  snow chains in fabric ,

This innovative product, produced in a special high-resistance, non-slip fabric. provides a large capacity snow traction system, starting, accelerating and braking on snow and ice. The special fabric does not cause vibrations and can be applied to vehicles with ABS safety system. Easy and quick to install and practice to transport and store, it is also a CE TÜV Austria approved product.

If you are thinking of taking a getaway to the snow to enjoy a walk, snowboard or ski you will find snow on the road, snow chains are the necessary devices for safe driving with snow or ice, here you will find several models and sizes with the best quality and guarantee.

Various models of snow chains available for resale:

The placement of snow chains or snow chains on fabric must be done on the drive wheels with a single axle, ie on the front wheels or the rear wheels, depending on the car model.

However, all vehicles with drive wheels, ie 4 x 4, it will be convenient to place the chains on the four wheels, however if you only have one set you must place them on the front axle, as they are responsible for steering the vehicle. vehicle.

When driving with chains you must not exceed a speed of 50 km and you must avoid changing gears and violent braking.

We must keep in mind that the vehicle's behavior is different when driving with chains.

If you have never installed snow chains and are going to circulate in areas where there may be snow, we recommend making several applications, in case you need to use them to be able to do so.

After using them, it is advisable to wash them with water and allow them to dry at room temperature before storing in the packaging, in order to ensure better maintenance.

For the proper use of snow chains it is important to follow the car maintenance manual of the car in the snow chains section.

In addition, before buying the chains or snow covers you should check the dimensions of the tire to ensure that these measures are in the same package.

Snow Chains Stock

We currently have a wide range of stock and measures that cover most of the tire market.